Transform Your Life Through Therapy

Hi there. I’m Emily,

I’m so glad you’re here. You’re struggling with inner pain and shameful feelings that you can’t express to anyone. As a result, you feel isolated, hopeless, and angry. This hinders your ability to thrive in all of your relationships-romantic, sexual, professional, and social.

I’m very passionate about my work as a therapist, and am consistently inspired and motivated by an individual’s capacity for growth and change. I believe even our deepest limitations and persistent blocks can be transformed. Through our work together, I will encourage you to get friendly with your dark side; the anger, hate, resentment, guilt and shame. This paves the way to feel positive emotions more deeply such as love, passion, serenity, happiness.

Therapy provides the path to feel deeply connected to yourself and others. I create a place for you to feel safe and understood as you unravel your complex feelings and thoughts. We work together to establish healthier ways of coping and communicating. I help you create internal freedom, a genuine sense-of-self, and more fulfilling relationships.

Education and Background

I hold a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from St. Edward’s University, and am licensed to practice psychotherapy in the State of Texas. I have gained experience in a variety of clinical settings: community mental health, eating disorder/substance abuse treatment centers, hospice, and university counseling. I’ve enjoyed being in private practice since 2015.

I’m committed to my growth as a therapist, and am currently enrolled in an intensive 2-year training program which integrates recent findings in neuroscience and emotion/attachment/systems theories. I utilize my skill set as a mentor at Capital Factory working with entrepreneurs, start-ups, and late stage technology companies.

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Your anxiety is unique to you based on your own internal dialogue, past experiences, and present situation. If you find yourself suffering from anxiety, you may find that you are experiencing the following:

  • Dreading confronting simple, every day situations.
  • Feeling frightened, panicked, or unable to calm down.
  • Fixating on thoughts or past events that cause you to feel distressed.
  • Inability to concentrate, rapid heartbeat and sweating.
  • Difficulty making decisions.


Depression can be a mixed bag. You may have pervasive ups and downs throughout the day. One moment you feel fatigued, the other frustrated. You might feel a mixture of anger and sadness. Depression could be affecting you in a variety of ways, such as:

  • Eating very little or a lot more than usual.
  • Lack of interest in your favorite things.
  • Feeling very tired all of the time, but find it difficult to sleep.
  • Crying a lot or overwhelming sadness.
  • A consistent feeling of heaviness in the head or body.
  • Loss of sexual libido.

Guilt and Shame

Perhaps you did something that makes you feel very bad? Or maybe you feel bad…because you’re you

Psychological symptoms of guilt and shame are:

  • Feeling inadequate and comparing yourself to others.
  • Failure to meet your own ideals or standards.
  • Experiencing and ruminating over regrets.
  • Wanting to hide from the world.


Working with entrepreneurs puts me in the position of drawing upon my business experience, in addition to being a therapist. So, when I work with entrepreneurs it is often a mix of business coaching, consulting, sports psychology (future-focused/focusing on what’s working) administered in a therapeutic way.

I work with entrepreneurs to enhance and develop their psychological capital:

  • Optimism.
  • Confidence and Self-Esteem.
  • Responding Vs. Reacting.
  • Enhance focus and clarify vision.
  • Disagreeableness.

Fees and Policies

Rates for Psychotherapy Sessions

50 minute session: $175

I don’t take insurance at this time. However, if you have out of network mental health coverage and would like to file for potential reimbursement with your insurance company, I will gladly provide superbills. You pay full fee in session, and then will be responsible for filing for reimbursement with your insurance company.

Some clients are able to write off therapy services at the end of the year. Please check with your accountant to see if that is a possibility for you.

I offer a complimentary 30-minute phone consultation for all new clients prior to your first session. We will discuss your goals for therapy, and I’m happy to answer any questions you have at that time.

Please contact me at 512-294-9861 to set up a time to talk. You can also Contact Me.

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Payment Policy:

Payment is due at time of service. I currently accept debit/credit cards, cash or checks.

Appointment Policy:

If you need to make changes to your appointment please contact me at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled session. Cancellations within 24 hours will be processed at your full session fee.

Contact Me

You can contact me at 512-294-9861 via text to set up a time to talk or by phone call. You can also contact me by filling out the form below.